Blipper is using AR to ease interior navigation

 In Design, Smart Cities

Blippar’s new platform will ease the navigation of interior spaces.

Navigating vast infrastructure and retail hubs, as well as urban environments, can prove to be a daunting task. Blippar, a London-based technology company, is easing wayfinding in these environments through AR-technology.

In 2017, Blippar launched ARCity – AR Navigation, an app that allows users to explore hundreds of cities across the world. The app runs on Urban Visual Positioning, Blippar’s location-based AR engine.

Spar3D reports that Blipper is now launching a new platform, Indoor Visual Positioning, which applies their AR-technology to interior environments. In a statement to Spar3D, Blipper notes that the AR environments are generated through architectural plans and CAD models without the need for access to “visual maps of the environment (e.g via SLAM) – which require additional expensive technology, are time-consuming to generate, and require frequent updating.” While the platform is currently in testing, much of the technology is imported from Blipper’s Urban Visual Positioning engine and ARCity – AR Navigation.

Blipper’s new AR platform is expected to launch in 2019.

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